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The groundnut also known as Peanut belongs to the pea and bean family and is a legume and is the only nut that grows below the earth. Still it is considered as nut due to its excellent nutritional value. It is one of the most nourishing foods available in the world.


Groundnut oil is an all purpose oil made out of peanuts. It is generally used for it for its ‘nutty’ flavor and taste. This oil is used for all types of cooking- frying , grilling and seasoning. Studies have shown that groundnut oil is just as effective in protecting against heart disease, as is olive oil. This is because it has similar properties and a similar fatty acid composition, as does olive oils. India is rated as the third largest producer of groundnut in the world with annual production of over 5-6 million tons. Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the leading producers in the country and accounts for nearly 75% of the total output. Groundnut contributes to nearly 25% of total oil seed production in the country..........

Groundnut oil is a non drying oil belonging to the oleo-linoleic acid group of oils. It is Pale yellow in color with nutty odour and bland taste.


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